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Am I messed up? How to feel balanced? One simple tip

At some point in our lives, we have all probably wondered at our natures, tendencies, struggles, actions, reactions, thoughts, words, cravings, aversions, and said, “O Man, am I totally messed up or what?”

Well, my observations show that we are all just as messed up as we are balanced. Does that hypothesis confuse you? Believe me, it is neither a play of words nor is it confusing. An example will clarify this hypothesis.

​​Consider a room in a house where random things are strewn all over the place, and the room is dusty, dirty, stinky, lined with cob webs, and not been cleaned for months. Such a room or a place would be said to be a mess, or all messed up. Now say one long weekend, you make up your mind to organize your day and your priorities to organize and clean up the room. And say what, you do execute to the plan. Bravo! Now the room is organized, clean, and puts anybody who visits the room in a state of peace, focus, meditation, and happiness.

The room stayed exactly where it was, carried the exact same features as before, and its dimensions were unchanged. What changed was your decision (choice) to bring health to the room unlike before, and accordingly the clean organization of the things in the room.

Just like the room in and of itself was only a carrier of the mess, we are inherently a balanced and healthy space and energy potential. We choose to fill our awareness, emotions, thoughts choices, words, and actions with mess (lack of healthy awareness, emotions, thoughts, words, and actions), and become carriers of mess, dumpsters literally, always dumping and being dumped, diseased, unsteady, imbalanced, unhappy, and struggling.

Now how do we change that, simple, just do what you would do to take care of a messy room. Organize your life, yourself, and your choices with health and always keep it that way... Done. Organization is the master key to feel balanced, healthy, and happy.

Constant mindful choices and regular meditation are a must to organize your psychic, emotional, and mental space in alignment with health. With such organization, physical and situational organization in alignment with happiness, health, progress, and success is but a natural consequence.

Be Healthy Be Victorious.

Vijayi Bhava!


P.S. If you don’t currently follow a mindfulness/meditation technique and are looking for a starter technique while on a journey to find a technique that suits you, you could try the technique below.


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