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"Sheshadharananda", as written in Brahmi Script caligraphically.

Brahmi script is the earliest known script used by the world's Vedic ancestors known for their research based pursuit of overall health. Brahmi script was also used widely to record the Buddha’s and various other avataras’ teachings in Samskritum, Prakritum, Pali, Tamil, and other languages.


"Shesha" in Samskritum means Mindfulness / Compassionate Mindfulness.

​"Sheshadhara" means bearer/foster of the health of compassionate Mindfulness. This is the true intent of Yoga. Hence "Sheshadhara" also means Yogi.

"Sheshadharananda" means the one who happily, healthily, and victoriously fosters compassionate Mindfulness with every breath, with every step, at every turn, and in every moment.


"Sheshadharananda" means to Be Healthy Be Victorious  with realization of universe Potential in Self through Compassionate Mindfulness.

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