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I am a Biomedical Engineer and Scientist by profession, and live in the Los Angeles area. My interests include Universe Potential research, practice on the path of Self Realization, Classical Music, Yogic Martial Art forms, Olympic Archery, Swimming, and Polo. My formative years and schooling were in Bharatha. I completed my undergraduate studies from one of the premier engineering institutes in Bharatha and moved Stateside for Grad School. Been here since. For a full-time job, I pursue research and development of next generation human Central and Peripheral Nervous System implants.

I always knew that everybody is Universe Potential. It was more than just a knowledge but an experience. As most children do, I too perceived greatness, beauty, and invincibility in all. I tried time and again, and very diligently, to unlock my Universe Potential. I sought the help of many of the so called “Gurus” and “Masters”. But for offering lip service, none of them could help me. Many a times I wondered if I would ever find the way, the key. As the recent generations on Earth have understood and applied prayer, I too looked to the skies and shrines, and often even within asking for help. No God like woman, man, animal, tree, stone, or spirit clad in ocher, white, blue, green, or any other color was found.

The story of Theory of Astitvum, TOA

But I kept my search going. "If Krishna, the Buddha, Adi Shakara, Brahmarishi Jesus Christ, and their likes did it, all humans should be able to unlock their Universe Potential! The way exists," cried a subdued and ash covered ember of power from within me, loud enough to be felt, but never proud enough to be seen. Finally help came. As a biomedical engineering graduate student in the USA, I developed a keen interest in tissue engineering. I studied cells of all kinds, and in various cultures, for hours under the microscope. In these cells I saw complete human like behavior and characteristics. I am not sure if we are like our cells or if our cells are like us, and in fact it really does not matter how one looks at it. In these cells, I had finally found my Gurus. The cells did not talk but revealed to me the experience of  Astitvum (existence) and of God potential (Universe potential). I am ever grateful to my stem cell Gurus! I self-published the wisdom passed on to me by my stem cell Gurus in July 2013 as a 30ish page booklet titled “Theory of Astitvum: The essentiality of Karma in the sustenance of existence”. I have since retitled the booklet as, “My observations on God and Creation phenomena: Theory of Astitvum, essentiality of Karma in the sustenance of existence”.


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