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Sudershana Chuckra means the ability to manifest healthy and happy circumstances, situations, and progress every moment, in every breath, with every step, and at every turn with steadfast indulgence in, and constant visualization and pursuit of overall health (and overall health alone) under all circumstances.

The white, yellow, blue, and green colors in the Sudershana Chuckra represent the colors through which Sunlight sustains life and health on planet Earth. Hence the colors represent the function of visualization of health.


Sudershana, in Samskritum language can be broken into two words Su and Dershana


Su stands for the Righteousness Algorithm (Dharma) of Astitvum, Existence, Universe Potential.


Dharma or Righteousness Algorithm of Universe Potential is

  • Constant choice of truthful and absolute dedication to health of emotions, psyche, mental focus, and body.

  • Practice of hygiene of emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

  • Strength of open-heartedness i.e. compassion in pursuit of all education and experience, and in all dealings.

  • Self-Realization through continuous improvement of self every moment, in every breath, with every step, and at every turn by determined pursuit of eternal transformation toward self-Perfection (Universe Potential).


Dharma is the algorithm of health of Astitvum, Existence, Universe Potential.


Su, therefore means choice of health in emotion, psyche, mental focus, and body, or choice of health in thoughts, words, and deeds.


Dershana in Samskritum language means to see, or focused and directed observation. Per Theory of Astitvum and theories of quantum physics, the act/function of focused and directed observation or visualization leads to manifestation.


Chuckra in Samskritum language means wheel. Philosophically, wheels represent progress, movement, chain of events, or change

Colors used in the Sudershana Chuckra:

We humans perceive sunlight as yellowish white light. Sunlight sustains life and health in us physiologically and directly, for example Vitamin D generation within the human body. Sunlight makes water on Earth and makes the water look blue. Water sustains life and health on planet Earth. Chlorophyll, a green pigment in plants, through photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide, water, and certain inorganic salts into carbohydrates, while also enriching the environment with Oxygen. These plants that serve as food and beauty, and the oxygen in the air we breathe sustain life and health on planet Earth.

Note: Thanks to the Universe Potential for the revelation of the logo and to Amma for for the words, "every moment, every step, every turn," which she always uses with all her prayers, best wishes,  and blessings. 

Sudershana Chuckra

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