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Vijayi Bhava, The ocher colored Samskritum words in Sudershana Chuckra

The words Vijayi Bhava in Samskritum language means Be Victorious.


Wield the Sudershana Chuckra, practice it, and become an expert in applying it unceasingly. Great avataras like Pareshu Rama, Shri Krishna, the Buddha, and Brahmarishi Jesus Christ are wielders of the Sudershana Chuckra. With the power of the Sudershana Chuckra, these avataras manifested health, peace, goodwill, happiness, and progress against all odds. That is Being Victorious. We can all BE VICTORIOUS by wielding the Sudershana Chuckra.

The words Vijayi Bhava are shown in ocher, orange, or saffron color because ocher or saffron or orange color is the color of Agni, fire. Fire functions righteously per the righteousness algorithm of nature. Fire stays true to its purpose of complete transformation of the entity (self) being burned (transformed) until such complete transformation of the entity (self) is achieved. Fire sterilizes everything and does not stop until complete hygiene is achieved. Fire is compassionate and open-hearted in its function. It provides warmth, provides light, sterilizes, and cooks food. It is the fire in the sun that nurtures life on earth. Fire is fair in its dealings with all. Fire can be quoted as a standard of even-handedness. Agni, Fire, is hence an epitome of Dharma (truth, hygiene, compassion, eternal giver of health through continuous pursuit of transformation toward health), Righteousness Algorithm of Astitvum, Existence.

The words Vijayi Bhava are in Brahmi script because that is the earliest known script used by the world's Vedic ancestors known for their research based pursuit of overall health. Brahmi script was also used widely to record the Buddha’s and various other avataras’ teachings in Samskritum, Prakritum, Pali, Tamil, and other languages.

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