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Tiger’s face with fierce focus in its eyes

When we fiercely dedicate ourselves to constant pursuit of health (shown by the fiercely dedicated and unwavering focus in the tiger’s eyes), any and all diseases and wounds of the past are healed. The healing is so perfect that all dark scars or blemishes now augment our beauty, brightness, dignity, sophistication, charm, and magnanimity multi-fold, much like the dark stripes and white patches on a tiger’s face. Imagine how bland a tiger without dark stripes and white patches would look. Imagine how bland we would be without our healed scars and blemishes. The Sudershana Chuckra over the tiger’s head represents the tiger’s firm resolve and steadfast devotion to constant choice and visualization of health. Such pursuit of overall health leads to the inevitable result of an ever healthy, and hence ever happy, and victorious Self.

Note: Thanks to the Universe Potential for the revelation of the logo and to Amma for for the words, "dignity, sophistication, charm."  

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