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Sublimation vs. Dissipative Expression

We live in a world today, where we are all taught to express ourselves, our identities, views, opinions, and emotions, be it praise, support, disgust, anger, lust, and more. Our music, movies, media, and education is rich with dissipative expression of emotions. But the question is, “Is expression, dissipative or healthy, enough to effect change towards health?” and “Does mere expression move things?” And you will find that expression by itself fails to transform anything or anybody. Expression, especially dissipative expression, is like complaining. And we all know that mere complaining rarely leads to change. In fact, upon close observation, you will find that complaining leads to more opportunity to complain. And too much complaining or rebellion leads to destruction of self and all else.

​​Transformation towards health can be effected through Sublimation. ​​Sublimation does not even need the vehicle of expression to bring change. It is like at the triple point of water, ice (solid) vaporizes into steam (gas) by skipping the water (liquid) phase. Ice does not have to express its water phase to become vapor. The person in the act of sublimation is really not seeking to express oneself. She or he, on the contrary is seeking to only transform into a healthier self. With transforming oneself to a healthy state under all circumstances, one forces the situation to get healthy. The situation usually has no choice but to get healthy when an individual in the situation gets healthy. I am sure you will find many examples of awesome people in your life who you find to be always quiet. And despite their quiet demeanor, their existence fosters health in all. Of course, sometimes sublimation bears an object of creative expression as a byproduct, a footprint of the journey of one’s transformation toward health. Such objects of beautiful creative expression are usually charged manifestations that effect transformation toward health in all that come under the influence of its magnetic presence.

Bottom-line, if you want to make yourself or your situation healthier and as a result happier, you should absolutely try sublimating your energies in alignment with health in thoughts, words, and actions. Every time you are prone to dissipative (or worse disruptive i.e. anger and possessive i.e. lust) expression of your energies, choose to sublimate them instead, and you will see a swift and sweeping change and progress toward health and happiness. I know, all this talk of sublimation may sound very counter intuitive to many, and may be even restrictive to some, but sublimation is the most reliable and repeatable path to health and hence strength, success, progress, and happiness.

And that brings us to another question, ​​“How to sublimate my energy and effect transformation toward more health?” Let us look at it step by step.​

  • Step 2. Stop complaining and rebelling. ​​

  • Step 3. Start reducing thoughts, words and actions that are a dissipative expression of your energy. ​​Dissipative expression only leads to expending of your energy, moves nothing, and tires and ages you. You need energy to move anything in this existence. So conserve it and apply it toward health. It is like saving cash from your earnings to buy exactly what you need. If you have a hole in your pocket that causes you to lose cash constantly, thus depleting your saving ability, mend the hole. And how do you do that?

  • Step 1. Meditate. Put your whole being into your meditations as if nothing else mattered to you.

Be Healthy Be Victorious.

Vijayi Bhava!



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