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How to win every day? Just one simple tip

We are all beings of purpose. It makes total sense to run toward your goals, set new goals, and be victorious in all spheres of life. Just one simple tip on how we can ensure that we win everyday.

A swimmer on-block ready to dive in a race

If you are a swimmer, ​​you know that a perfect dive is key to winning the race. ​​A solid thrust, the distance covered in the air (longer the better because air is a rarer medium than water), smooth entrance, and a streamlined long high velocity underwater float (because floating is faster than swimming) play the most important role in winning the race. The freestyle swimming upon recovering from the underwater float is just about maintaining the lead thus gained.

This means that the outcome of the race is usually decided even before the swimmer starts the freestyle phase of her/his swimming. The winner has almost always won the race on-block.

Winning in life also works the same way . Start your day with an efficient on-block phase, meditate.

Wake up an hour early if required and meditate. Forget everything, de-prioritize everything for those 20mins to an hour of meditation. Practice the meditation technique you are comfortable with. If you don’t have a technique, you may try the “I am Healthy I am Victorious Mindfulness Technique” presented below. This meditation time is your on-block phase before swimming freestyle through the various situations of your day. ​

Remember, ​​sleep relaxes only the body. ​​Meditation calibrates (relaxes) the mind. With your calibrating your mental, psychic, and emotional faculties to be fresh, healthy, and sharp first thing in the morning, you can ensure that you have the solid thrust, perfect dive, and a streamlined high speed float leading you to the perfect start of your day, a winner’s day.

Be Healthy Be Victorious.

Vijayi Bhava!


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