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Bow, Arrow, and Sheshadharananda, A Poem...Every Arrow is Life!!!


For archers, every arrow is very important. You only have a set number of arrows in the quiver. With every arrow that does not hit the target, an opportunity to be healthy be victorious is lost and the threat (disease) against the archer exponentially closes in.


An arrow, a thought, every word and deed,​​

are they not all alike indeed?

While intending an arrow to miss its target, is but ludicrous,

so are aimless thoughts, words, deeds, but ruinous.

​​​​And what of the bow, O Sheshadharananda my friend?

Never dry fire it, you say, lest it break, unable to mend.

And so is life of the senseless, being dry fired to gratify senses,

dedicated to fracture and end in sad worthless pieces.

Awaken and heed the call of Universe Potential O archer great,

today, lift the bow of life high, set the sight of consciousness straight.

Shoot, make every arrow of thought, word, and action count for health.

Today, you draw life as the brave, wise, victorious do in every breath.

Be Healthy Be Victorious.

Vijayi Bhava!

If you don’t currently follow a mindfulness/meditation technique and are looking for a starter technique while on a journey to find a technique that suits you, you could try the technique below.


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