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How to overcome fear? One simple tip

I am sure we have all been told, “Overcome fear by replacing it with faith,” or “Take a leap of faith and you would have overcome fear.” I think these adages are definitely born out of experiences of successful individuals. But how do you practically translate one's experience of applying faith, to another individual when each one of us has a different relationship with faith? Not all of us would even agree on the same definition of the term "faith". So let us table the term "faith" for now, and try the term "goal".

A sure shot way of overcoming fear is by searching within for the goal that fuels your existence. That is it. Nothing else is required. Your acquaintance with that goal automatically acquaints you with your Universe Potential. Fearlessness, faith, confidence, happiness are then but natural consequences.

Let us look at it scientifically.

  • ​​Astitvum (Existence) is Universe Potential. ​​

  • And we know that:

Potential = Energy​​

  • Energy can only be experienced when it is harnessed to do work, i.e. only the kinetic nature of energy can be experience.

  • This means that the experiential Astitvum (Existence) behaves as a vector.

  • A vector has definite magnitude and direction. In other words, devoid of either magnitude or direction, there is no vector.

When you find the goal that fuels your existence, the world will turn upside down for you, tall structures that seemed like cumbersome obstacles thus far will bow and mold to align with your conviction, and transform into bridges, roads, tunnels, and pathways almost miraculously.

Your direction toward the goal will be clear in your vision and the magnitude of the force that defines your dashing toward your goal will be that of the Universe Potential. You will feel invincible (fearless) as you walk stalwart in enlightenment of your true nature, and all that you touch will blossom into infinite beautiful possibilities of manifestation of your purpose, and realization of your dreams.

Be Healthy Be Victorious.

Vijayi Bhava!



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