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Am I beautiful?

Many of us spend a major portion of our lives, may be a whole lifetime, asking this question. And believe it or not, many of life’s crucial decisions are made based on our pursuit of the truthful answer to this question.

Our path through life, our goals, our aspirations, our achievements, and hence our destiny depends on our approach to finding the true answer to this question.

A story comes to mind. Resemblance of this story in part or full to any person is merely coincidental. But I would not be surprised if many of us relate to this story as if it were our own.

A very beautiful eight year old girl Kamila always asked her mother, “Mother, Am I beautiful?”

Her mother always replied, “Yes honey, you are very beautiful.”

Kamila usually reacted angrily to such response, “But mother, nobody else tells me that I am beautiful. You see me as being beautiful only because you are my mother. You are a liar!”

Sometimes Kamila even told her mother, “You say that I am beautiful only because you don’t want to hurt my feelings with the truth.”

This went on until she turned seventeen when she stopped asking her mother the question because she knew what her mother’s response was going to be. Obviously she did not believe anything her mother had to say in this matter.

Years passed and Kamila who was now in her late thirties was married and had her own little daughter who had just turned eight. Kamila, her husband, and their little daughter were visiting Kamila’s parents one Thanksgiving. After the delicious lunch that afternoon, Kamila’s father, now a proud grandfather, decided to take a trip down memory lane with his granddaughter. The grandfather-granddaughter duo poured through photo albums in the study from when Kamila was eight years old to her college graduation. Kamila’s daughter pulled selected photos of Kamila out of the various albums, set it up in a new album, and titled the album “Kamila, the most beautiful girl I know”.

Just then Kamila walked into the study to see what the grandfather-granddaughter duo were upto.

Kamila’s daughter handed the album to Kamila and said, “Mother, you were so beautiful even as a young girl. Am I as beautiful?”

Kamila did not answer but started looking at the photographs in the album that her daughter had lovingly created. As she flipped through the pages of the photo album, she began to cry.

Kamila’s daughter gave Kamila a tight hug and said, “Why are you crying mamma?”

Kamila responded smiling as she wiped her tears off her cheeks, “Honey, today I know that your grandmother was right. She always told me that I was beautiful. And I was so very beautiful. Your grandmother was speaking the truth. But I never believed her words because I wanted the rest of the world to validate my beauty. And honey, I tell you truthfully and from my heart that you are very beautiful!”

We want to feel beautiful. And we want to hear the world proclaim our beauty. In our fixated pursuit of such end, we fail to see that the Universe Potential is unceasingly reminding us that we are the most beautiful, each one of us. Each one of us is an epitome of beauty, not just a standard. The definition of beauty is not limited to an anorexic or a well-endowed model on a magazine cover page.

Try this simple compassionate mindfulness technique. Just start feeling and believing that you are beautiful just as you are, and see quickly things change in how people perceive your radiant beauty. Just a word of caution though, when you start to see that people are beginning to get floored by your beauty, practice health and hygiene in your thoughts, words, and actions for your self and all else. Beauty is energy that should not be frittered away. It is energy that can heal the world. Take Mother Teresa for example. She is among the most beautiful women I know. See the amazing health she manifested in the world with her beauty. Even as she passed away so gracefully at the age of 87, she looked so beautiful and radiant to me.

The Universe Potential asks nothing from you, except for you to be healthy. Doesn’t it sound like a good mother-figure? This mother-figure Universe Potential communicates with you through those who only wish health for you, health in emotions, psyche, mental faculties, and body, and expect nothing else from you. The Universe Potential speaks only the truth. Per Theory of Astitvum, truth is a key pillar of the righteousness algorithm that manifests Astitvum, existence.

Do not waste your precious choices, time, energy, and life on those who tell you that you are beautiful because they expect you to do something for them. Never buy your beauty through your precious choices, time, energy, and life. You can neither buy your beauty nor a validation of it, because you are beautiful as you are. You alone can validate your beauty for yourself by feeling good about yourself as you are. Beauty can only be applied. When applied to create health, it grows in its radiation potential. When applied against health, it diminishes in radiation potential, because the energy begins to transfer to a unit or entity that is keeping health in such situation. That is how the righteousness algorithm of Astitvum is set. Most importantly, make it a point to wish health on those that say that you are not beautiful because only a diseased emotional, mental, and psychic faculty fails to perceive the epitome of beauty in all Astitvum, existence.

Remember, health is the way of the Universe Potential. The Universe Potential needs only one thing, that you are healthy, nothing more nothing less. When a mother-figure (does not have to be a woman) in your life, be it your mother, father, wife, husband, aunt, uncle, sibling, good friend, or even your own heart who needs nothing from you except for one thing that you be healthy, tells you that you are beautiful, do not doubt it, believe it from your heart and the depths of your Universe Potential being . Energize your belief in your beauty with your practice of health. Believe that you are the most beautiful because the mother-figure is right and always true in this matter. And never ever ever ever let her only wish for you down. Be Healthy, Be Victorious™!!!

Vijayi Bhava!



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