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The answer to all of life’s riddles

It is said that a true question always has an answer. A natural corollary to that hypothesis is that an answer on the verge of being discovered is the cause for the birth of a question. In my observations, the statement is the anatomy, and the corollary, the physiology of mindful research.

The pursuit of the validity of the above statement and corollary starts with a clear understanding of the concept of “true question”. A true question is one that is born out of a spirit of research and hence allows for pursuit of overall health. A question posed to rebel, on the contrary quenches the momentum of health. Questions posed out of rebellion are false questions. They mask or shroud the path to uncovering the truth with thick smog of ignorance.

For example,

A loved one tells you, “Quit smoking, it is not healthy.”

A false question would be, “Who are you to tell me what I should and should not do?” No amount of research will bring any answer to that question. In fact the question is born from complete ignorance, lack of spirit of research, and kills any further hope to research.

​A true question you could ask would be, “Dear so and so, you say smoking is not healthy. Why do you say so?” This question allows both you and your loved one to walk hand in hand on the path of mindful research and pursue overall health.

​Walk on the path of compassionate mindful research, uncover truths that lead to better health by always asking true questions, and grow, glow, and radiate health in self and all.

Be Healthy, Be Victorious.

Vijayi Bhava,


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