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Always research, never rebel

"Always chose health, of emotions, mind, and body." Health in thoughts, words, and deeds is all you need to choose and ensure at all times. Then immense happiness will always be yours.

Never rebel, but always research. Rebellion always leads to loss, while in research there is only gain. Rebellion always ends in anger and despair, while research keeps you going, motivated and happy for ever and ever on the wings of wisdom and hope.

What is the difference between rebellion and research?

In rebellion, one feels bound and hence craves to be free. The bondage only expands and gets stronger with each act of rebellion. It is like pulling harder and harder on a knot to set yourself free, while with each tug the knot only gets tighter.

In research, one feels free and hence chooses to bind oneself to health and discipline to bring more health and happiness. It is like tying your self tight and secure to a rope during rock climbing. You tie yourself to a rope very secure, and tie knots again and again to secure the rope to a harness or a natural anchor so you can climb higher and higher. Research helps you climb higher and higher in perspective and that makes you wise, healthy, strong, serene, and happy.

Be Healthy, Be Victorious


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